The story of Goshen History Library

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The History Library

In 2018 our History Library was created to showcase the wealth of books, photos, and ephemera in the GTHS collection. Located in our museum, a 19th century stone house, this area was originally a porch addition, which was converted to a kitchen in 1928. Fast forward to 2017, when member Tim Johnson stepped forward to offer both a plan and the skilled labor to transform this under utilized area into a much needed library and adjoining office. Using reclaimed lumber from a dismantled barn that once stood on the property, Tim built a reference library with historic charm, while discretly inserting lighting, appliances and technology we had previously done without. Wherever possible, Tim repurposed vintage finds to give the space function without sacrificing the character of this nearly 100 year old addition. Our History Library is dedictaed to Elaine Didday, a GTHS founding member and our first librarian. Elaine spent years amassing documents and photos, painstakingly  organizing binders of information and hundreds of obituaries, documenting events, and researching local history. Her efforts laid the foundation for our current collection. Today, we continue to research and record Goshen area history and are proud to display and share our collection in this unique setting. 

Our research volunteers can provide you with information on almost any local topic or subject. Email us at with your research request. We use our own resources, as well as county records, to provide you with documented and reliable information. We can also provide resources for those who want to do their own investigating, such as a guide on how to research your historic home. 

our library is a goshen history treasure chest


What you'll find here...

  • Books written by local authors, Goshen High School year books, reference books, and old family Bibles
  • Historic photographs, post cards, posters, ads and newspapers
  • Old records, ledgers and documentation from former Goshen businesses, clubs and civic organizations
  • Letters and handwritten accounts from Goshen citizens
  • Maps and property information
  • Volumes of content sorted by topic, such as local farms, schools, businesses, families, churches, etc.

special Features from the history library

Goshen Ladies Tennis Club 1914


Our library is filled with information on businesses, civic groups, schools and social clubs throughout Goshen's history. Here some early 20th century ladies pause their tennis game for a photo.

Back to School... Goshen 1921


The 1st & 2nd graders of Goshen Rural School pose for a class photo in 1921. The History Library has a large collection of class portraits, extracurricular photos, and Goshen yearbooks, including the very first Goshenesis.

Four Star Farm... Now Goshen Grind


Long before it became the site of the Goshen Grind, that land was part of Four Star Farm, owned by the Christman family. Our History Library has amazing photos and stories of Goshen's farms and farm families.